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Report an Incident of Sexual Misconduct, Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Harassment, or Related Retaliation

Fayetteville State University Policies

Fayetteville State University prohibits Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment including, but not limited to sexual assault, gender-based harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, stalking and related retaliation for its students, staff, visitors, faculty, and contractors.

This form may be used to report information to the Fayetteville State University Title IX Office related to any alleged violation of the University Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination or Code of Student Conduct policies. For additional information about these policies, please click here to visit the Fayetteville State University Title IX Office website.

Reporting Other Forms of Student Misconduct

To report other forms of student misconduct that are not related to sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, or related retaliation directly to the Office of Student Conduct please click here. Please click here to visit the Fayetteville State University Office of Student Conduct website.

Reporting to Law Enforcement Officials and Filing Police Report

Submitting this form is not the equivalent of reporting the incident to Law Enforcement Officials or filing a police report with a law enforcement agency. Please know your decision to pursue any criminal, civil, or other legal action will not impact any Title IX action or investigation.

For additional information please contact the Fayetteville State University Department Police and Public Safety team at 910-672-1775 (non-emergency) or the City of Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1529.

Submitting A Report

Submitting this report notifies the Fayetteville State University Title IX Office of the incident you are reporting. Reports may also be filed with the Title IX Office by emailing TitleIX@uncfsu.edu or calling 910-672-2325. Reports made to the Title IX Office are not confidential.

For additional information about confidential reporting, please contact Student Health Services or the Center for Personal Development.

Once this report is received, the Title IX Coordinator will review the report and determine appropriate next steps. Any person you identify in the report may be contacted to provide additional information

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